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    • A distributed feedback dye laser based on higher order Bragg scattering

      S Sivaprakasam Ch Saradhi Babu Ranjit Singh

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      A distributed feedback dye laser based on second order Bragg scattering due to a sinusoidal susceptibility modulation is reported. Rhodamine 6G dye solution in three different solvents; methanol, ethanol and benzyl alcohol is pumped by interference fringes produced by two beams from the second harmonic of Nd:YAG laser. Output power is plotted as a function of the pump power. The spectrum of dye laser shows a new type of modulation.

    • Dynamical regimes and intracavity propagation delay in external cavity semiconductor diode lasers


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      Intracavity propagation delay, a delay introduced by a semiconductor diode laser, is found to significantly influence synchronization of multiple semiconductor diode lasers, operated either in stable or in chaotic regime. Two diode lasers coupled in unidirectional scheme is considered in this numerical study. A diode laser subjected to an optical feedback, also called an external cavity diode laser, acts as the transmitter laser (TL). A solitary diode laser acts as the receiver laser (RL). The optical output of the TL is coupled to the RL and laser operating parameters are optimized to achieve synchronization in their output intensities. The time-of-flightbetween the TL and RL introduces an intercavity time delay in the dynamics of RL. In addition to this, an intracavity propagation delay arises as the TL’s field propagated within the RL. This intracavity propagation delay is evaluated by cross-correlation analysis between the output intensities of the lasers. The intracavity propagation delay is found to increase as the external cavity feedback rate of TL is increased, while an increment in the injection rate between the two lasers resulted in a reduction of intracavity propagation delay.

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