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    • Optical birefringence and order parameter of three nematogens

      M Mitra S Paul R Paul

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      Results of the measurement of refractive indices and densities of three nematic liquid crystals at different temperatures are reported. The molecular polarizabilities have been calculated from refractive indices using both the Vuks’ and the Neugebauer’s relations. The orientational order parameters are determined from the polarizability values. The variation of order parameter with temperature for these compounds shows a reasonably good agreement with Maier and Saupe theory except near the clearing points where the experimental values are less than those obtained from the theory. The possible reasons for this have been discussed.

    • Painlevé analysis and integrability of the damped anharmonic oscillator equation

      S Paul Raj S Rajasekar

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      The Painlevé analysis is applied to the anharmonic oscillator equation$$\ddot x + d\dot x + Ax + Bx^2 + Cx^3 = 0$$. The following three integrable cases are identified: (i)C=0,d2=25A/6,A>0,B arbitrary, (ii)d2=9A/2,B=0,A>0,C arbitrary and (iii)d2=−9A/4,C=2B2/(9A),A<0,C<0,B arbitrary. The first two integrable choices are already reported in the literature. For the third integrable case the general solution is found involving elliptic function with exponential amplitude and argument.

    • The Painlevé property, integrability and chaotic behaviour of a two-coupled Duffing oscillators

      S Rajasekar S Paul Raj

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      Integrability and chaotic behaviour in a two-coupled Duffing oscillators are studied. The coupling is nonlinear. Painlevé test is performed to identify integrable cases of damped- and force-free system. Exact analytical solutions are given for the integrable cases. Effect of external periodic forces for (i) single well with infinite height potential, (ii) potential with a hump at the centre and (iii) single well with finite height hump potential are numerically investigated. Occurrence of multiple attractors and period doubling cascades of coexisting attractors is presented.

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