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    • Theory of melting, vacancy model

      S N Vaidya

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      A theory of melting based on vacancy model is formulated. The polymer solution theory is used for derivation of the melting equation for a two-species model of melting solid. Under simplifying assumptions the analysis leads to a simple correlation betweenTm and 〈v〉, the average energy of interaction between the vibrating atoms. Pseudopotential method is used for calculating 〈v〉 for the alkali metals lithium, sodium, potassium and rubidium at temperatureTm. The calculated values ofTmv〉 are in accord with those expected from our model. Application to the high pressure melting curves of solids is also discussed.

    • The role of combined electron-deuteron screening ind-d fusion in metals

      S N Vaidya Y S Mayya

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      We propose that thed-d fusion rate in palladium can be enhanced by the combined screening of the electrostatic interactions by the itinerant deuterons and the conduction electrons. The model assumes that, under certain conditions, deuterium exists as a D+ ion in palladium. The combined screening by electrons and the D+ ions (deuterons) is found to be more effective than that due to electrons alone. The calculated values of thed-d fusion rates, considering screening, for composition PdD at 300 K are 10−16 s−1 and 10−14 s−1 for D2+ ion and D2 molecule respectively. These values lie in the range suggested by the recent electrochemical experiments.

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