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    • R-matrix plus potential analysis of unbound states of33S

      Rama Das S N Mukherjee

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      Single channel single levelR-matrix plus potential analysis of the resonances observed in the32S(n, n) reaction for the neutron energy lying from 20–1100 keV has been carried out to determine the properties of these resonances. This analysis is further supported by a single channel multilevelR-matrix analysis of the data. Spectroscopic factors for the resonances have also been calculated by ourR-matrix method. Its comparison with those obtained bydwba analysis of the (d, p) data is discussed.

    • Criterion for a unique non-relativistic quark model

      R Nag S N Mukherjee S Sanyal

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      We have calculated the mean square charge radii of the neutron and proton, and compared them with the experimental values, to construct a unique non-relativistic quark potential model. It is shown for the first time that, contrary to general belief, it is possible to reproduce simultaneously the baryon mass spectrum and the electromagnetic sizes of neutron and proton using a single potential model. It was found necessary to add admixtures of excited states of the nucleon in the unperturbed ground state wavefunctions.

    • A simple coordinate space approach to three-body problems — Examples: Halo nucleus and double-λ hypernucleus

      S Mahapatra J Nag D P Sural S N Mukherjee

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      We show how to treat the dynamics of an asymmetric three-body system consisting of one heavy and two identical light particles in simple coordinate space variational approach. The method is constructive and gives an efficient way of resolving a three-body system to an effective two-body system. It is illustrated by explaining the structural properties of some nuclei of current interest, namely halo nuclei and double-λ hypernuclei. The ansatz used here may be of value in a number of three particle problems of similar nature.

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