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    • Fluorescence studies of CS2 and SO2 at 121.6, 73.6–74.4 and 58.4 nm

      I A Prajapati S M Ahmed Vijay Kumar

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      The fluorescence spectra of CS2 and SO2 have been studied at three incident photon wavelengths of 121.6, 73.6–74.4 and 58.4 nm and relative production cross sections for different product states have been measured. The CS(A1Π→X1Σ+) system between 240 and 290nm has been obtained when CS2 is photoexcited at 121.6nm whereas CS2+(B2Σu+X2Πg) and CS2+(A2ΠuX2Πg) systems have been produced between 276 and 295 and 437 and 555nm respectively when excited by both the incident photon wavelengths of 73.6–74.4 and 58.4nm. The fluorescence spectra of SO2 obtained at 121.6 and 73.6–74.4nm include the vibrational bands of SO(A3Π→X3Σ) and SO(B2ΠX3Σ) systems from 240 to 268 and 268 to 442nm respectively whereas the emission spectrum at 58.4nm, has contributions from the two SO systems and SO+(A2Π→X2Π) system. In all these emission spectra, the fluorescence bands of different systems have been analyzed and their relative production cross sections have been measured. The results obtained in the present investigations have been compared with a few recent reliable measurements reported in literature.

    • Measurement of photoabsorption and fluorescence cross-sections for CS2 at 188.2–213 and 287.5–339.5 nm

      S M Ahmed Vijay Kumar

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      The photoabsorption and fluorescence cross-sections for carbon disulphide have been measured in the 188.2–213 and 287.5–339.5 nm spectral regions using an argon mini-arc light source. The absorption cross-sections have been measured with an accuracy of ±4.2% whereas the most probable error estimated in the case of fluorescence cross-sections is ±5.1%. The fluorescence quantum yields for CS2 have also been obtained in the two spectral regions.

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