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    • Relaxation behaviour of phenol and cresols in highly viscous media

      Mradula Chauhan Mridula Gupta S K Saxena J P Shukla

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      Dielectric relaxation times (t) have been determined for phenol,o-cresol,m-cresol andp-cresol in solutions ofn-heptane+paraffin oil of varying viscosities. Since, all the four systems contain an -OH group, capable of group rotation, the dielectric absorption was further resolved using Higasi, Koga and Nakamura method in terms oft(1) andt(2). In each case the dielectric relaxation time has been found to be maximum in the neighbourhood of 75%n-heptane+25% p.o. in the mixture. On further increasing the viscosity of the medium, theT values shorten. The results obtained suggest the associative nature of the compounds investigated.

    • Lattice vibronics of bcc phase metals (Ti, Zr and Hf) at higher temperatures

      S K Saxena R M Agrawal R P S Rathore

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      Ashcroft’s analytic bare ion pseudopotential form factor with a modified Hartree dielectric function has been employed to represent the temperature dependent interionic potential. This potential includes both direct ion-ion interaction and indirect ion-electron-ion interaction with and without the effects of ‘d’ bands, in some scantily studied complexbcc metals vizbcc Ti, Zr and Hf. The ab initio radial and tangential force constants extending out to 15th nearest neighbours are computed for the metals. The said potential is used for predicting the binding energy, elastic constants and phonon dispersion of the above mentioned metals and the results are satisfactorily compared with the corresponding measured data.

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