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    • Coefficients of viscosity of a gaseous plasma

      D Adhikari S K Majumdar

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      We present here an order of magnitude calculation for the coefficients of viscosity with the assumption that the drift velocity introduces asymmetry both in the single-particle distribution functionf1 and the correlation functionP(1, 2). These asymmetric parts have been estimated considering the self-relaxation of the system when the cause of drift velocity is suddenly removed. Using these, the kinetic part of the coefficient of electron viscosity has been calculated and the result fairly agrees with similar studies by others. The potential part of shear viscosity coefficient is found to be zero while both parts of the coefficient of bulk viscosity are non-zero.

    • Ultra lowqa discharge experiments in the SINP tokamak

      A N Sekar Iyengar S K Majumdar J Basu R K Paul R Pal S Chowdhury

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      Operation of most tokamaks in limited byqa, the edge safety factor, which is usually about 2–3. In the SINP tokamak we have been able to obtain discharges withqa values as low as 0·8. In this paper we describe our results on the setting up processes and the MHD activity associated with these ultra lowqa discharges.

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