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    • Volume effect of laser produced plasma on X-ray emissions

      V K Senecha Y B S R Prasad M P Kamath A S Joshi G S Solanki A P Kulkarni S Gupta R Pareek H C Pant

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      An investigation of x-ray emission from Cu plasma produced by 1.054 µm Nd:glass laser pulses of 5 ns duration, at 2 × 1012 − 2 × 1013 W cm−2 is reported. The x-ray emission has been studied as a function of target position with respect to the laser beam focus position. It has been observed that x-ray emissions from ns duration plasma show a volume effect similar to subnanosecond plasmas. Due to this effect the x-ray yield increases when target is moved away relative to the best focal plane of the laser beam. This result supports the theoretical model of Tallents and has also been testified independently using suitably modified theoretical model for our experimental conditions. While above result is in good agreement with similar experimental results obtained for sub-nanosecond laser produced plasmas, it differs from result claiming filamentation rather than pure geometrical effect leading to x-ray enhancement for ns plasmas.

    • Scaling of x-ray emission and ion velocity in laser produced Cu plasmas

      Y B S R Prasad V K Senecha H C Pant M P Kamath G S Solanki P K Tripathi A P Kulkarni S Gupta R Pareek A S Joshi N Sreedhar Sameer Nigam C P Navathe

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      The x-ray emission from slab targets of copper irradiated by Nd:glass laser (1.054 µm, 5 and 15 ns) at intensities between 1012 and 1011W/cm2 has been studied. The x-ray emissions were monitored with the help of high quantum efficiency x-ray silicon photo diodes and vacuum photo diodes, all covered with aluminium filters of different thickness. The x-ray intensity vs the laser intensity has a scaling factor of (1.2–1.92). The relative x-ray conversion efficiency follows an empirical relationship which is in close agreement with the one reported by Babonneau et al. The ion velocities were monitored using Langmuir probes placed at different angles and radial distances from the target position. The variation of the ion velocity with the laser intensity follows a scaling of the form Φβ where β ∼0.22 which is in good agreement with the reported scaling factor values. The results on the x-ray emission from Cu plasma are reported.

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