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    • Equivalence of stochastic quantization to field theories from supersymmetry

      S Chaturvedi A K Kapoor V Srinivasan

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      Using the Ward-Takahashi identities from the hidden supersymmetry in Langevin equation we present a very simple proof of the equivalence of stochastic quantization to field theories.

    • Operation of a capacitor bank for plasma metal forming

      P Sarkar S Chaturvedi Raj Kumar Rajesh Kumar D Lathi A Shyam J Sonara

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      Previously metal forming has been done using electromagnet in pulsed power mode, better known as magneform [1]. Here we will be presenting a different technique for metal forming. We are using water as a medium for this process. By discharging the stored electrical energy of the capacitor bank in water, we are getting the desired result i.e. to form (expand or compress) a wide range of workpiece to the desired shapes. The advantage of this method over conventional method is that it uses low power (negligible running cost). It does not require any post assembly cleaning degreasing and is hence environmentally ‘friendly’.

    • A new method for the calculation of Sommerfeld screening parameter σ1 in x-ray spectra

      U D Misra S Chaturvedi

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      The paper describes a new method for the calculation of the Sommerfeld screening parameter σ1. It requires neither the knowledge of the energy separations of spin doublet levels nor is it based on the application of the Hertz law. The only data required for the calculation are the experimental energy values of the level concerned for the series of elements belonging to the same subshell in which the element in the question is situated. As an illustration the values of σ1 are calculated for the L1, L2 and L3 levels for elements belonging to the 4f subshell and these are found to be in excellent agreement with those published earlier by Gokhale and Misra. The method brings out the constancy of σ1 (L2L3)−σ1(L1) in a natural way and may thus be regarded as providing theoretical explanation of the Hertz law.

    • Mutually unbiased bases

      S Chaturvedi

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      After a brief review of the notion of a full set of mutually unbiased bases in an N-dimensional Hilbert space, we summarize the work of Wootters and Fields (W K Wootters and B C Fields, Ann. Phys.191, 363 (1989)) which gives an explicit construction for such bases for the case N=pr, where p is a prime. Further, we show how, by exploiting certain freedom in the Wootters-Fields construction, the task of explicitly writing down such bases can be simplified for the case when p is an odd prime. In particular, we express the results entirely in terms of the character vectors of the cyclic group G of order p. We also analyse the connection between mutually unbiased bases and the representations of G.

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