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    • Thomas rotation and polarized light: A non-abelian geometric phase in optics

      Joseph Samuel Supurna Sinha

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      We describe anon-abelian Berry phase in polarization optics, suggested by an analogy due to Nityananda between boosts in special relativity and the effect of elliptic dichroism on polarized light. The analogy permits a simple optical realization of the non-abelian gauge field describing Thomas rotation. We also show how Thomas rotation can be understood geometrically on the Poincaré sphere in terms of the Pancharatnam phase.

    • Likelihood theory in a quantum world: Tests with quantum coins and computers


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      By repeated trials, one can determine the fairness of a classical coin with a confidence which grows with the number of trials. A quantum coin can be in a superposition of heads and tails and its state is most generally a density matrix. Given a string of qubits representing a series of trials, one can measure them individually and determine the state with a certain confidence.We show that there is an improved strategy which measures the qubits after entangling them, which leads to a greater confidence. This strategy is demonstrated on the simulation facility of IBM quantum computers.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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