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    • Energy levels and radiative rates for Ne-like ions from Cu to Ga


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      Energy levels, lifetimes and wave function compositions are computed for 127 fine structural levels in Ne-like ions (Z = 29−31). Configuration interaction has been included among 51 configurations (generating 1016levels) and multiconfigurational Dirac–Fock method is used to generate the wave functions. Similar calculations have also been performed using the fully relativistic flexible atomic code (FAC). Transition wavelength, oscillator strength, transition probabilities and line strength are reported for electric dipole (E1), electric quadrupole (E2), magnetic dipole (M1) and magnetic quadrupole (M2) transitions from the ground level. We compared our calculated results with the available data in the literature. The calculated results are found to be in close agreement with the previous results. Further, we predict some new atomic data which may be important for plasma diagnostics.

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