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    • Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convective flow of an upper convected Maxwell fluid through variably permeable dilating channel with Soret effect


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      The effects of Soret and variable porosity on an unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow of an upper convected Maxwell fluid through an expanding or contracting channel are explored in this article. The temperature and concentration at the walls are maintained at different values. The gravitational forces arising from temperature and concentration gradients are also considered. The behaviour of velocity components, skin friction, temperature and concentration with respect to various non-dimensional parameters has been numerically computed by using anefficient shooting method. Newtonian case has been studied using the current algorithm and the present results are compared with earlier literature. At the boundaries, the heat and mass transfer rates are studied using local Nusseltand Sherwood numbers. The results show that both the variable permeability and wall expansion have dominant effects on skin friction at the plates. The Prandtl and Soret numbers have dominating effect on mass transfer when compared with variable permeable parameter.

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