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    • Effect of curvature on a statistical model of quark-gluon-plasma fireball in the hadronic medium

      S Somorendro Singh D S Gosain Yogesh Kumar Agam K Jha

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      The free energy of a quark-gluon plasma fireball in the hadronic medium is calculated in the Ramanathan et al statistical model after incorporating the effect of curvature. The result with the inclusion of curvature is found to produce significant improvements in all the parameters we calculated with respect to the earlier results. The surface tension with this curvature effect is found to be $0.17 T_{c}^{3}$ , which is two times the earlier value of surface tension which is $0.078 T_{c}^{3}$ , and this new result is nearly close to the lattice value $0.24 T_{c}^{3}$. As far as transition is concerned, a thermodynamic variable like entropy shows weakly first-order phase transition and it shows continuity in the behaviour of specific heat.

    • Nucleation rate of the quark-gluon plasma droplet at finite quark chemical potential

      D S Gosain S Somorendro Singh Agam K Jha

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      The nucleation rate of quark-gluon plasma (QGP) droplet is computed at finite quark chemical potential. In the course of computing the nucleation rate, the finite size effects of the QGP droplet are taken into account. We consider the phenomenological flow parameter of quarks and gluons, which is dependent on quark chemical potential and we calculate the nucleation rate of the QGP droplet with this parameter. While calculating the nucleation rate, we find that for low values of quark phenomenological parameter $\gamma q$, nucleation rate is negligible and when $\gamma_q$ increases, nucleation rate increases significantly.

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