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    • Neutron diffraction studies on La2−xDyxCa2xBa2Cu4+2xOz superconductors

      S Rayaprol Rohini Parmar D G Kuberkar Keka R Chakraborty P S R Krishna M Ramanadham

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      Structural studies on Dy-substituted La-2125 type superconductors have been carried out by neutron diffraction experiments at room temperature using a monochromatic neutron beam of wavelength (λ) = 1.249 Å. A series of samples with La2-xDyxCa2xBa2Cu4+2xOz stoichiometric composition, forx = 0.1–0.5, have been studied for their structural properties. A tetragonal Y-123 unit cell was taken as the starting model for the Rietveld analysis. All the samples fit into the starting model, with no structural transition taking place with increasing dopant concentration. The results of Rietveld analysis and structural properties will be discussed in detail.

    • Negative chemical pressure effects induced by Y substitution for Ca on the ‘exotic’ magnetic behavior of the spin-chain compound, Ca3Co2O6

      S Rayaprol E V Sampathkumaran

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      The magnetic behavior of a solid solution, Ca3 x Yx CO2 O6, based on the ‘exotic’ spin-chain compound, Ca3Co2O6, crystallizing in K4CdCl6-derived rhombohedral structure is investigated. Among the compositions investigated(x = 0.0, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0), single-phase formation persists up tox = 0.75, with the elongation of the c-axis. The present investigations reveal that the temperature at which the ‘so-called’ ‘partially disordered antiferromagnetic structure’ sets in (which occurs at 24 K for the parent compound,x = 0.0) undergoes gradual reduction with the substitution of Y for Ca, attaining the value of about 2.2 K for the nominalx = 1.0. The trend observed in this characteristic temperature is opposite to that reported under external pressure, thereby establishing that Y substitution exerts negative chemical pressure. Anomalous steps observed in the isothermal magnetization at very low temperatures (around 2 K) forx = 0.0, which have been proposed to arise from ‘quantum tunneling effects’ are found to vanish by a small substitution (x = 0.3) of Y for Ca. Systematics in AC and DC magnetic susceptibility behavior with Y substitution for Ca have also been probed. We believe that the present results involving the expansion of chain length without disrupting the magnetic chain may be useful to the overall understanding of the novel magnetism of the parent compound.

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