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    • On the study of ion-acoustic solitary waves and double-layers in a drift multicomponent plasma with electron-inertia

      S N Paul S Chattopadhyaya S K Bhattacharya B Bera

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      Using the pseudopotential method, theoretical investigation has been made on the firstorder Korteweg-deVries ion-acoustic solitons in a multicomponent plasma consisting of warm positive ions, negative ions and isothermal electrons. The effects of electron-inertia and drift motion of the ions on the amplitudes and widths of the solitons have been studied in a plasma having (H+, Cl), (H+, O), (He+, H) and (He+, O) ions. Ion-acoustic double-layers have also been investigated for such plasmas. It has been found that drift velocity and electron-inertia have significant contribution on the formation of double-layers in multicomponent plasma

    • Higher order contribution to the propagation characteristics of low frequency transverse waves in a dusty plasma

      A P Misra A Roy Chowdhury S N Paul

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      Characteristic features of low frequency transverse wave propagating in a magnetised dusty plasma have been analysed considering the effect of dust-charge fluctuation. The distinctive behaviours of both the left circularly polarised and right circularly polarised waves have been exhibited through the analysis of linear and non-linear dispersion relations. The phase velocity, group velocity, and group travel time for the waves have been obtained and their propagation characteristics have been shown graphically with the variations of wave frequency, dust density and amplitude of the wave. The change in non-linear wave number shift and Faraday rotation angle have also been exhibited with respect to the plasma parameters. It is observed that the effects of dust particles are significant only when the higher order contributions are considered. This may be referred to as the ‘dust regime’ in plasma.

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