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    • Switching behaviour of a nonlinear Mach–Zehnder interferometer

      Arpita Srivastava Punya Prasanna Paltani S Medhekar

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      In the present paper, a detailed investigation on the switching behaviour of a nonlinear Mach–Zehnder interferometer (NMZI) has been carried out using beam propagation method (BPM). A thorough investigation on input vs. output characteristic has been carried out by varying different parameters like length of the arms, refractive index of the linear/nonlinear arm, wavelength of the input beams and nonlinear coefficient of the material of the nonlinear arm. The input vs. output characteristic has also been investigated by shifting the balance point of the NMZI. The present paper provides a physically intuitive understanding of the effect of change in different parameters of the NMZI on its switching behaviour.

    • Switching behaviour of nonlinear Mach–Zehnder interferometer based on photonic crystal geometry

      Man Mohan Gupta S Medhekar

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      Nonlinear Mach–Zehnder interferometer (NMZI) created with photonic crystal waveguides (PCW) and with Kerr-type nonlinearity has been investigated in this paper. The NMZI has been simulated using two-dimensional finite difference time domain (2D-FDTD) method. Input verses output (I/O) characteristics have been obtained for different lengths of the nonlinear arm, nonlinear coefficients of the nonlinear arm, wavelengths of the input beam, sizes of defect rods and NMZI offset. The results obtained are compared with earlier published results of NMZI created with conventional step index waveguides (SIW). It is shown that all useful features of light switching offered by SIW-based NMZIs are also possible with PCW-based NMZIs of extremely small dimensions. Moreover, PCW-based NMZIs offer additional useful feature not available with SIW-based NMZIs.

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