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    • On the bremsstrahlung background correction to the high-energy Compton spectroscopy

      S Mathur B L Ahuja

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      methodology for bremsstrahlung (BS) background correction to extract a true Compton profile in high-energy Compton scattering experiments is presented. The BS background profiles for Hg, computed within the Born approximation, are estimated for different values of incident energy. It is seen for the first time that the BS background contribution in high-energy Compton profile experiments like those employing third generation synchrotron radiation sources comes out to be significant and non-linear. Further, it is found that the incorporation of BS correction in data reduction of such an experiment performed on Hg at 662 keV energy helps in reconciliation of theory and experiment.

    • Electronic structure of hafnium: A Compton profile study

      S Khera S Mathur B L Ahuja

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      In this paper, we report the first-ever isotropic Compton profile of hafnium measured at an intermediate resolution, with 661.65 keV 𝛾-radiation. To compare our experimental data, the theoretical computations have also been carried out within the framework of pseudopotential using CRYSTAL03 code and the renormalized-free-atom (RFA) model. It is found that the present experimental profile is in better agreement with the RFA calculations if the outer electronic configuration is chosen as 5d3.26s0.8. The cohesive energy of Hf is also deduced from the experimental data and is compared with the available data.

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