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    • Effect of substitution on aniline in inducing growth of anionic micelles

      Gunjan Garg V K Aswal S K Kulshreshtha P A Hassan

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      Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) measurements were carried out on sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) micelles in the presence of three different hydrophobic salts, i.e. aniline hydrochloride,o-toluidine hydrochloride andm-toluidine hydrochloride. All these salts induce a uniaxial growth of micelles to form prolate ellipsoidal structures. A progressive decrease in the surface charge of the micelles was observed with the addition of salts followed by a rapid growth of the micelles. The presence of a methyl substitution at the ortho position of aniline does not alter the growth behavior significantly. However, when the substitution is at meta position micellar growth is favored at lower salt concentration than that is observed for aniline. This can be explained in terms of the difference in the chemical environments of the substituents at the ortho and meta positions.

    • Inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamics of GaPO4

      R Mittal S L Chaplot A I Kolesnikov C -K Loong O D Jayakumar S K Kulshreshtha

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      We report here measurements of phonon spectrum and lattice dynamical calculations for GaPO4. The measurements in low-cristobalite phase of GaPO4 are carried out using high-resolution medium-energy chopper spectrometer at ANL, USA in the energy transfer range 0–160 meV. Semiempirical interatomic potential in GaPO4, previously determined using ab-initio calculations have been widely used in studying the phase transitions among various polymorphs. The calculated phonon spectrum using the available potential show fair agreement with the experimental data. However, the agreement between the two is improved by including the polarisability of the oxygen atoms in the framework of the shell model. The lattice dynamical models are also exploited for calculations of various thermodynamic properties of GaPO4.

    • Neutron diffraction studies on Ca$_{1-x}$Ba$_{x}$Zr4P6O24 solid solutions

      S N Achary O D Jayakumar S J Patwe A B Shinde P S R Krishna S K Kulshreshtha A K Tyagi

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      Herein we report the results of detailed crystallographic studies of Ca$-[1-x}$Ba$_{x}$Zr4P6O24 compositions from combined Rietveld refinements of powder X-ray and neutron diffraction data. All the studied compositions crystallize in rhombohedral lattice (space group R-3 No. 148). A continuous solid solution is concluded from the systematic variation of unit cell parameters. The variation of unit cell parameters with the composition indicates decreasing trend in 𝑎 parameter with increasing Ba2+ concentration contrast to an increasing trend in 𝑐 parameter.

    • Tuning intermicellar potential of Triton X-100– anthranilic acid mixed micelles

      Gunjan Verma V K Aswal S K Kulshreshtha C Manohar P A Hassan Eric W Kaler

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      Structural parameters of micelles formed by Triton X-100 in the presence of solubilized anthranilic acid at different pH values was investigated using light scattering and small angle neutron scattering. Analysis of the SANS data indicate that micelles are oblate ellipsoidal in nature with little variation in the dimensions, in the investigated pH range (from 0.5 to 6.0). The interaction potential of the micelles shows a minimum closer to the isoelectric point of anthranilic acid. A similar variation is observed in the cloud point of the micelles with pH. The observed variation in the interaction potential with pH of the micellar solution can be explained in terms of the reversal of charge on anthranilic acid due to shift in the acid–base equilibrium. The variation in interaction potential and cloud point with pH is modelled using Coulombic repulsion of charged molecules at the micelle interface.

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