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    • Magnetic behaviour of (Fe0.85Cr0.15)2As

      S K Jain A Das Bipin K Srivastava Anjali Krishnamurthy S K Paranjpe

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      Magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements have been made on the title pseudo-binary of tetragonal anti-ferromagnets Fe2 As and Cr2 As. In this system antiferromagnetic (AFM) ordering appears below 310 K. The moments are confined in theab plane but unlike in the end members they are tilted off thea-axis. In addition to the AFM structure a weak ferromagnetic behaviour shows up below∼80 K with a rather low moment of ∼0.07 μB per formula unit at 5 K and under a field of 3 T.

    • Microwave power coupling with electron cyclotron resonance plasma using Langmuir probe

      S K Jain V K Senecha P A Naik P R Hannurkar S C Joshi

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      Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma was produced at 2.45 GHz using 200 – 750 W microwave power. The plasma was produced from argon gas at a pressure of $2 \times 10^{−4}$ mbar. Three water-cooled solenoid coils were used to satisfy the ECR resonant conditions inside the plasma chamber. The basic parameters of plasma, such as electron density, electron temperature, floating potential, and plasma potential, were evaluated using the current–voltage curve using a Langmuir probe. The effect of microwave power coupling to the plasma was studied by varying the microwave power. It was observed that the optimum coupling to the plasma was obtained for $\sim$ 600 W microwave power with an average electron density of $\sim 6 \times 10^{11}$ cm$^{−3}$ and average electron temperature of $\sim$ 9 eV.

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