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    • Development of a 16 kHz repetition rate, 110 W average power copper HyBrID laser

      R Biswal P K Agrawal G K Mishra S V Nakhe S K Dixit J K Mittal

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      This paper presents the design and performance analysis of an indigenously developed 110 W average output power copper HyBrID laser operating at 16 kHz pulse repetition rate. The laser active medium was confined within a fused silica tube of $\sim 6$ cm diameter and $\sim 200$ cm active length. An in-house developed high-power ($\sim 10$ kW) solid-state pulser was used as the electrical excitation source. A simple estimation of deposited electrical power, at the laser head, was carried out and based on it, the laser tube efficiency was found to be 2.9% at 70 W and 2.2% at 110 W laser power levels.

    • Development of tilted fibre Bragg gratings using highly coherent 255 nm radiation

      O Prakash J Kumar R Mahakud U Kumbhkar S V Nakhe S K Dixit

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      This paper reports the study on development of tilted fibre Bragg gratings using highly coherent 255 nm radiation, obtained from the second harmonic generation (SHG) of copper vapour laser (CVL). The transmission and reflection spectra of the tilted fibre Bragg gratings (TFBG) were studied for the tilt angles of 0° (normal FBG), 1°, 3° and 4° between the fibre axis and the interference fringe plane. It was observed that as the angle of fibre axis and phase mask increased, the main Bragg peak shifted towards the higher wavelength and transmission dip decreased. The transmission dip of the cladding mode first increased and then decreased after reaching a maximum with the increase in the tilt angle.

    • HF-based clad etching of fibre Bragg grating and its utilization in concentration sensing of laser dye in dye–ethanol solution

      J Kumar R Mahakud O Prakash S K Dixit

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      This paper presents a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensor to study the concentration of laser dye in dye–ethanol solution. The FBG used in this experiment is indigenously developed using 255 nm UV radiations from copper vapour laser. The cladding of the FBG was partially removed using HF-based etching to make FBG sensitive to changes in the surrounding refractive index. The experimental results on the shift of the Bragg peak wavelength with HF etching and different dye concentration in ethanol are presented. The Bragg wavelength shifted from 1534.670 nm to 1534.225 nm in 30 min and from this point to 1533.97 in the next 2 min. The clad-etched Bragg peak shifted almost linearly from 1534.056 nm to 1534.162 nm as surrounding dye concentration in ethanol changes from 0 mM to 1.5 mM. It was observed that sensitivity depends on the concentration of the solution and found to be 70 pm/mM.

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