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    • Resonant spin-flavor precession constraints on the neutrino parameters and the twisting structure of the solar magnetic fields from the solar neutrino data

      S Dev Jyoti Dhar Sharma U C Pandey S P Sud B C Chauhan

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      Resonant spin-flavor precession (RSFP) scenario with twisting solar magnetic fields has been confronted with the solar neutrino data from various ongoing experiments. The anticorrelation apparent in the Homestake solar neutrino data has been taken seriously to constrain (Δm2,φ′) parameter space and the twisting profiles of the magnetic field in the convective zone of the Sun. The twisting profiles, thus derived, have been used to calculate the variation of the neutrino detection rates with the solar magnetic activity for the Homestake, Super-Kamiokande and the gallium experiments. It is found that the presence of twisting reduces the degree of anticorrelation in all the solar neutrino experiments. However, the anticorrelation in the Homestake experiment is expected to be more pronounced in this scenario. Moreover, the anticorrelation of the solar neutrino flux emerging from the southern solar hemisphere is expected to be stronger than that for the neutrinos emerging from the northern solar hemispheres.

    • Two-texture zeros and near-maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing angle

      S Dev Radha Raman Gautam Lal Singh Manmohan Gupta

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      We study the implications of a large value of the effective Majorana neutrino mass for a class of two-texture zero neutrino mass matrices in the flavour basis. We find that these textures predict near-maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing angle in the limit of large effective Majorana neutrino mass. We present the symmetry realization of these textures using the discrete cyclic group Z3. It is found that the texture zeros realized in this work remain stable under the renormalization group running of the effective neutrino mass matrix at one-loop level.

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