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    • High spin states in 63Cu

      B Mukherjee S Muralithar R P Singh R Kumar K Rani S C Pancholi R K Bhowmik

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      Excited states of 63Cu were populated via the $^{52}{\rm Cr} + {}^{16}{\rm O}$ (65 MeV) reaction using the gamma detector array equipped with charged particle detector array for reaction channel separation. On the basis of $\gamma-\gamma$ coincidence relations and angular distribution ratios, a level scheme was constructed up to $E_{x} = 7$ MeV and $J^{\pi} = 23/2^{(+)}$. The decay scheme deduced was interpreted in terms of shell model calculations, with a restricted basis of the $f_{5/2}$, $p_{3/2}$, $p_{1/2}$, $g_{9/2}$ orbitals outside a $^{56}_{28}$Ni core.

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