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    • D-branes inpp-wave background

      Alok Kumar Rashmi R Nayak Sanjay

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      We show the existence of classical solutions ofD-branes as well as a system ofD3-branes oriented at an arbitrary angle with respect to each other, in a six-dimensionalpp-wave background obtained fromAdS3 × S3 ×R4, withR — R andNS — NS 3-from flux. The world volume coordinate of D5-brane lies along the six-dimensional pp-wave directions, whereas thepp-wave direction is transverse to the system of D3-branes. We also present moreD-brane bound state solutions by applyingT-duality symmetries. The system ofD3-branes oriented at an arbitrary angle is shown to preserve 1/16 supersymmetries. Finally a brief discussion of the open string construction is presented for both the cases.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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