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    • Off-shell behaviour of32S(n, n)32S total cross-section and32S(d, p)33S reaction to the continuum

      Rama Shyam

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      Two features of32S(d, p)33S reaction to the continuum, the parallelism between the excitation function of the energy differential stripping cross-section d2σ/dΘdE and the total neutron32S elastic scattering cross-section and the dependence of the ratio (d2σ/dΘdE)/σtot(n, n) on the transferred angular momentuml are explained by a model in which neutron stripping to the resonant states is essentially determined by the off-energy shell total neutron-target cross-section. At low excitation energies of the resonance the off-shell behaviour of the neutron scattering amplitude is very strong which leads to a big enhancement of the stripping cross-section relative to the total neutron-target cross-section. The model provides a good description of the measured (d, p) to (n, n) cross-section ratio corresponding tol>0 resonance. However it may not be appropriate for performing the calculations fors-wave resonances.

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