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    • Thick-target X-ray bremsstrahlung spectra produced in 6.5 keV and 7.5 keVe--Hf collisions

      S K Goel R Hippler Rajesh Kumar Singh R Shanker

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      The absolute doubly differential cross-sections (DDCS) for production of the thick-target X-ray bremsstrahlung spectra in collisions of 6.5 keV and 7.5 keV electrons with thick Hf target are measured. The X-ray photons are counted by a Si(Li) detector placed at 90° to the electron beam direction. The bremsstrahlung spectra are corrected for various ‘solid-state effects’ namely, electron energy-loss, electron back-scattering, and photon-attenuation in the target, in addition to the correction for detector’s efficiency. The DDCS values after correction, are compared with the predictions of a most accurate thin-target bremsstrahlung theory [H K Tseng and R H Pratt,Phys. Rev.A3, 100 (1971); Kisselet al, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables28, 381 (1983)]. Also, a dependence of the absolute DDCS on atomic numberZ of the targets (47Ag,79Au and72Hf) at 7.0 keV and 7.5 keV electron energies has been studied. The agreement between experiment and theory is found to be satisfactory within 27% systematic error of measurements. However, an apparent systematic difference between experiment and theory in the region of low-energy photons has been explained qualitatively by considering the fact that the hexagonal atomic structure of Hf offers possibly a greater magnitude of ‘solid-state effects’ in respect of blocking the low-energy bremsstrahlung photons from coming out of the target surface than does the cubic-face centered structure of Ag and Au target in similar conditions of the experiment.

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