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    • Characterization of energy levels in the nucleus170Lu

      P C Sood R K Sheline R W Hoff

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      Configuration assignments are derived for the observed energy levels in the odd-odd deformed nucleus170Lu99 based on the calculations of the two-particle band head energies for a zero range residual interaction, the beta-feeding characteristics, and the observed features for similar bands in the neighbouring nuclei. In particular, specific assignments are given for theJπ=1+ levels at 198.4 keV, 349.0 keV and 785.5 keV. The ambiguities with respect to the assignments for theKπ=3 bands are discussed. A new isomer withJπ=7+ and half-life of several seconds is predicted around (225±25) keV and experiments are suggested to identify it.

    • Newby shift ofK=0 rotational bands in odd-odd rare-earths

      Alpana Goel A K Jain R W Hoff R K Sheline

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      A data set of 29 experimentally determined Newby shifts in rare-earth nuclei is examined for the reliability of each values. Using this data set, Newby shifts are obtained which are free from the Coriolis and the particle-particle coupling effects. These new empirical values help resolve the failure of a recently proposed rule for the sign of the Newby shift in the {5/2[413]p − 5/2[642]n} configuration of160Tb and the {5/2[402]p − 5/2[512]n} configuration of174Lu. Also the Newby shifts are significantly modified in two other cases namely the {1/2[411]p − 1/2[521]n} configuration in168Tm and the {1/2[541]p − 1/2[521]n} configuration in172Lu. Only marginal changes are seen in the rest of the cases in the rare-earth nuclei.

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