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    • Energy transfer in CaSiO3 phosphors doped with Ce3+ and Tb3+

      R V Subrahmanyam Shishir Jain Ashish Verma S Sivaraman

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      Calcium metasilicate phosphors activated by Ce3+ and Tb3+ have been studied for their emission characteristics. In two series of phosphors, one activator was kept at its optimum value while the other was varied. In another two series, one activator was kept below its optimum value and the other was varied. Concentration quenching effects start when each activator gives its maximum emission. There is clear evidence of an energy transfer from Ce3+ to Tb3+ because the5D3 lines appear on addition of Ce3+ while they were conspicuously absent when Tb3+ alone was present. Their absence in singly activated phosphors could not have been due to cross-relaxation. Obviously X-ray excitation does not lead to5D3 transitions which are achieved only by energy transfer. Further, considering the features of the emission spectra and the concentrations of activators used, the transfer could only be of the dipole-dipole type.

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