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    • Inclusive and exclusive measurements in the projectile breakup of 7Li

      T Madhusoodhanan Samit Mandal MP Sathyavathiamma Ramani NG Puttaswamy TS Mudhole A Mandal DK Avasthi R Shyam SK Datta

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      The inclusive and exclusive measurements were carried out for 7Li projectile breakup on 27Al target at 48 MeV. In the inclusive data we have observed a broad peak around the beam velocity for alphas and tritons. The exclusive data for alpha-triton coincidences show good agreement with the post-form DWBA theory of breakup reactions.

    • Breakup of 8B and the 7Be(p, γ)8B reaction

      R Shyam IJ Thompson

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      The calculated rate of events in some of the existing solar neutrino detectors is directly proportional to the rate of the 7Be(p, γ)8B reaction measured in the laboratory at low energies. However, the low-energy cross sections of this reaction are quite uncertain as various measurements differ from each other by 30–40%. The Coulomb dissociation process which reverses the radiative capture by the dissociation of 8B in the Coulomb field of a target, provides an alternate way of accessing this reaction. While this method has several advantages (like large breakup cross sections and flexibility in the kinematics), the difficulties arise from the possible interference by the nuclear interactions, uncertainties in the contributions of the various multipoles and the higher order effects, which should be considered carefully. We review the progress made so far in the experimental measurements and theoretical analysis of the breakup of 8B and discuss the current status of the low-energy cross sections (or the astrophysical S-factor) of the 7Be(p, γ)8B reaction extracted therefrom. The future directions of the experimental and theoretical investigations are also suggested.

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