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    • Dielectric properties of 4′-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyls in their nematic phases

      B R Ratna R Shashidhar

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      The principal dielectric constants of the pentyl to octyl derivatives of 4′-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyl have been measured as functions of temperature in their nematic and isotropic phases. All the compounds exhibit a strong positive dielectric anisotropy due to the presence of a large dipole moment along the major molecular axis. The principal dielectric constantsε andε as well as the anisotropy Δε decrease with increasing alkyl chain length. The experimental value of$$\bar \in = \frac{1}{3}$$ (ε+2ε) decreases with decreasing temperature, and is throughout less than the extrapolated isotropic value, in conformity with the model of antiferroelectric short range order proposed by Madhusudana and Chandrasekhar.

    • Pressure studies on two discotic liquid crystals

      V N Raja R Shashidhar S Chandrasekhár R E Boehm D E Martire

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      Pressure-temperature diagrams have been studied for two discotic compounds, hexa-n-octyloxytriphenylene and hexa-n-decanoyloxytriphenylene, both of which exhibit the columnar (D) phase at atmospheric pressure. Two interesting results, common to both compounds, have been obtained: (a) in contrast to what is usually observed in liquid crystals of rod-like molecules, the columnar-isotropic (D-I) transition, which is enantiotropic at atmospheric pressure, becomes monotropic at high pressures; (b) dT/dP ≈ 0 for theD-I transition, implying that despite the drastic change in the molecular order at this transition, the associated volume change is extremely small.

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