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    • A simple and inexpensive two channel boxcar integrator

      R K Shenoy J Ramakrishna K R Jeffrey

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      A two-channel boxcar integrator with an analog to digital converter was constructed using integrated circuits wherever convenient. The digital output can be instantaneously displayed or displayed after accumulating many samplings in the totaliser. The totaliser mode provides averaging at the digitiser level and hence the integrator has an infinite holding time. When used in the double boxcar mode the instrument overcomes the problem of any base line instability.

    • A solid state pulsed NMR spectrometer

      R K Shenoy J Ramakrishna K R Jeffrey

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      A 10 MHz pulsed NMR spectrometer, built using mostly solid state devices, is described. The pulse programmer provides 2-pulse, 3-pulse, saturation burst and Carr-Purcell sequences both in repetitive and manual modes of operation. The transmitter has a maximum power output of ∼ 2 kW with a 75 Ω output impedance termination. The total gain of the receiver system is around 120 dB with a minimum band width of 2 MHz. The recovery time of the receiver is ∼ 7 µsec. A two-channel boxcar integrator capable of working in the single channel, differential and double boxcar modes provides signal to noise ratio improvement. The sensitivity and the linearity of the boxcar integrator are ∼ 2 mV and ∼ 0.1% respectively.

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