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    • Domain pattern in ferroelectric triglycine sulphate using pyroelectric effect

      V G Bhide M M Pradhan R K Garg

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      A method to study domain structure in ferroelectrics, using pyroelectric effect is described. Variation of pyroelectric signal from the surface of a triglycine sulphate crystal plate has been studied by scanning the surface of the crystal with a low wattage He-Ne laser beam. The integrated pyroelectric signal is due to two components, namely, (1) the primary component arising out of the change in spontaneous polarization with temperature and (2) the delayed component arising out of the possible polarization reversal. The component of an electric field along the ferroelectric axis due to thermal hemisphere within the crystal plate formed by the laser beam has been calculated and shown to exceed coercive field, making polarization reversal possible. The delayed pyroelectric signal is a measure of polarization reversal within the patch illuminated and its observed variation over the surface yields information of the domain structure.

    • Measurement of cross-section of excitation transfer from 3s2 to 4s1 and 5s1 energy levels of neon

      R K Garg Vasant Dandawate

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      Collision induced non-radiative transitions in neon plasma have been studied using high intra-cavity radiation field of a 633 nm He-Ne laser. The transitions, induced from 3s2 energy level to 4s1 and 5s1 groups of energy levels, have been detected as changes in intensities of the spectral lines originating from these energy levels. From these intensity measurements, the quantities governing the transitions i.e. (i)S3e/S3RT, the ratio of the probabilities of electronic deexcitation to the total radiative deexcitation of energy level 3 (ii) 〈r23eve〉, rate of excitation transfer per particle and (iii)S23e, the total probability for excitation transfer from level 2 to level 3 at a certain value of electron density have been calculated.

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