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    • Effect of high pressure on the vibrational modes and the energy gap of ZnP2

      A Jayaraman R G Maines T Chattopadhyay

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      The pressure dependence of the vibrational modes in ZnP2 has been investigated by Raman Spectroscopy using a diamond anvil cell, up to 150 kbar pressure. The intrachain phosphorus modes exhibit a strong pressure dependence whereas the low frequency Zn-P modes soften very slightly under pressure. For a crystal which is treated as a molecular crystal this is an unexpected result. It is suggested that the behaviour may be due to a buckling of the phosphorus chain, or due to a double bond promotion between P atoms, or a charge transfer under pressure. The shift in the energy gap has also been measured to 100 kbar hydrostatic pressure. There is a small initial blue shift which gradually changes over to a red shift. However the whole shift in 100 kbar is quite small. Combining the (dEg/dP)T with the published (dEg/dT)P the thermal expansion contribution and the electron-phonon interaction contribution were evaluated. The latter dominates the total (dEg/dT)P of ZnP2.

    • Pressure-induced structural transitions in PbI2: A high-pressure Raman and optical absorption study

      A Jayaraman R G Maines T Chattopadhyay

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      The effect of pressure on the 2H and 4H polytype of PbI2 has been investigated by Raman and optical absorption spectroscopy, using the diamond anvil cell. The 2H-polytype undergoes pressure-induced phase transitions at 5 kbar and near 30 kbar. The 4H-polytype exhibits phase transitions near 8 kbar and above 30 kbar. The Raman modes abruptly change at these pressures. The optical absorption edge shifts red at the rate of 15±1 MeV/kbar in the 2H-PbI2 and at the rate of 7 MeV/kbar in phase II. The latter phase is most likely to possess a 3d-structure and not a layer type. The possible structures for the high pressure phases are discussed.

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