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    • Development of a new experimental setup for studying collisions of keV-electrons with thick and thin targets

      RK Singh RK Mohanta R Hippler R Shanker

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      Development of a new lectron-recoil ion/photon coincidence setup for investigating some of the electron induced collision processes, such as electron bremsstrahlung, electron backscattering, innershell excitation and multiple ionization of target atoms/molecules in bombardment of electrons having energies from 2.0 keV to 30.0 keV with solid and gaseous targets is described. The new features include the use of a compact multipurpose scattering chamber, a time-of-flight spectrometer for detection of multiply charged target ions, a 45°-parallel plate electrostatic analyzer for measuring energy and angle of the ejected electrons, a room temperature high resolution Si-PIN photo diode X-ray detector for counting the collisionally induced photons, a coincidence data acquisition system consisting of a 200 MHz Pentium based 8K-multichannel analyzer and a standard network of a fast/slow coincidence electronics. In particular, the details of design, fabrication and assembly of indigenous components employed in the setup are presented. Selected experiments planned with the setup are mentioned and briefly discussed. A report on performance, optimization, efficiency, time resolution etc. of the time-of-flight (TOF) spectrometer and that of the 45°-parallel plate electrostatic analyzer (PPEA) is presented. Test spectra of electron-recoil ion coincidences, energy distribution of ejected electrons and characteristic plus non-characteristic X-ray spectrum are illustrated to exhibit the satisfactory performance of the developed setup.

    • Design and fabrication of a time-of-flight spectrometer for studies of multiple ionization of gases by charged particle impact

      RK Singh RK Mohanta MJ Singh R Hippler SK Goel R Shanker

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      A time-of-flight spectrometer has been designed and fabricated for measuring the charge state distributions of target ions produced in collisions of keV-electrons with gaseous target atoms/molecules. The design details of the spectrometer and the description of experimental procedures for optimizing various parameters are presented and discussed. The working principle of the spectrometer, its time- and mass-focussing conditions, transmissions and detection efficiency etc. are given. A few typical test runs on multiple ionization of Ne and Ar gas atoms are illustrated. These spectra are found to yield the time resolution of about 10 ns for Ar4+ ion peak in 24.0 keV e — Ar collisions while the mass resolution of the spectrometer is obtained about 10% at mass m=20.

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