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    • Power law memory of natural convection flow of hybrid nanofluids with constant proportional Caputo fractional derivative due to pressure gradient


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      In this work, influence of hybrid nanofluids on heat transfer flow of a viscous fluid due to pressure gradient is discussed with innovative constant proportional Caputo fractional derivative. For this purpose, we consider an infinite vertical wall which is exponentially moving in the $x$-direction with variable temperature. Nanosized particles of Cu and Al$_{2}$O$_{3}$ are suspended in water, the base fluid. The governing equations of the problem are converted into dimensionless form. Further, we develop the constant proportional Caputo fractional model with a new operator with power law kernel which can be used to study the fluid behaviour for different values of fractional parameter at the present time. We applied the Laplace transform method to obtain the solutions and to see the impact of hybrid nanofluids and fractional parameter $\alpha$ respectively. We compared the present results with the recently published work (Nehad et al, $Adv. Mech. Eng.$ 11(7): 1 (2019)) with Caputo fractional derivative. As a result, we have found that the present solutions are best to describe the memory concept of temperature and velocity. For small values of fractional parameter, temperature and velocity have maximum values and for larger values of fractional parameter, temperature and velocity have minimum values. Further, rate of heat transfer and skin friction are also computed in tabular forms and it is found that Nusselt number with CPC is much less than that is computed with Caputo fractional derivative for greater values of fractional parameter $\alpha$.

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