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    • Nonlinear resonance phenomena of a doped fibre laser under cavity-loss modulation: Experimental demonstrations

      A Ghosh B K Goswami R Vijaya

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      Our experiments with an erbium-doped fibre ring laser (CW, single transverse mode and multiaxial mode) with an intracavity LiNbO3 electro-optic modulator (EOM) display the characteristic features of a nonlinear oscillator (e.g., harmonic and period-2 sub-harmonic resonances) when the EOM driver voltage is modulated periodically. Harmonic resonance leads to period-1 bistability and hysteresis. Inside the period-2 sub-harmonic resonance region, the laser exhibits Feigenbaum sequence and generalized bistability.

    • Emission studies on ZnO-inverse photonic crystals derived from self-assembly

      Sunita Kedia R Vijaya Alok K Ray Sucharita Sinha K Dasgupta

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      Photonic crystals fabricated from the colloidal spheres of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) using the inward-growing self-assembly technique were subse-quently in-filled with zinc oxide (ZnO) prepared by the sol–gel process. The polymer template was removed by heat treatment and chemical method to get ZnO-inverse photonic crystal. The structural quality of the inverse photonic crystal obtained by the chemical method was found to be superior to that obtained by heat treatment. The ZnO-inverse photonic crystal obtained by the chemical method was further treated at an elevated temperature to ensure the crystalline nature of ZnO. Laser-induced emission tudies on ZnO-inverse photonic crystals were carried out at an excitation wavelength of 325 nm. The emission spectra showing UV and visible bands at collection angle of 45° from the direction of excitation helped to establish the role of crystalline ZnO.

    • Local structure of Eu3+ ions in fluorophosphate laser glass

      P Babu R Vijaya Kyoung Hyuk Jang Hyo Jin Seo V Lavin C K Jayasankar

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      A fluorophosphate laser glass doped with 1.0 mol% of Eu3+ ions has been prepared and studied by site-selective spectroscopy to explore the local structure of Eu3+ ions. Site-selective $^{5}D_{0} \rightarrow ^{7}F_{1,2}$ emission spectra have been measured under resonant excitation to the $^{5}D_{0}$ level at different wavelengths within the $^{7}F_{0} \rightarrow ^{5}D_{0}$ band at 16 K. Using the Stark level positions of the $^{7}F_{1}$ and $^{7}F_{2}$ levels, crystal-field analysis has been carried out. The results suggest the existence of a unique kind of site for all the environments of Eu3+ ions in this glass.

    • Linear and nonlinear resonance features of an erbium-doped fibre ring laser under cavity-loss modulation

      Aditi Ghosh R Vijaya

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      The continuous-wave output of a single-mode erbium-doped fibre ring laser when subjected to cavity-loss modulation is found to exhibit linear as well as nonlinear resonances. At sufficiently low driving amplitude, the system resembles a linear damped oscillator. At higher amplitudes, the dynamical study of these resonances shows that the behaviour of the system exhibits features of a nonlinear damped oscillator under harmonic modulation. These nonlinear dynamical features, including harmonic and subharmonic resonances, have been studied experimentally and analysed with the help of a simple time-domain and frequency-domain information obtained from the output of the laser. All the studies are restricted to the modulation frequency lying in a regime near the relaxation oscillation frequency.

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