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    • Temperature effects on the structure of liquid D-methanol through neutron diffraction

      A Sahoo S Sarkar P S R Krishna R N Joarder

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      The study of changes in the structure (H-bonded) of liquid alcohols at elevated temperatures is rare probably due to low flash points of these liquids. An indigenously devised special quartz cell is now used to carry out the structural studies of these liquids at elevated temperatures through neutron diffraction. Here, the liquid consists of deuterated methanol and neutron data was collected on the high-Q diffractometer at Dhruva, BARC. The corrected data at elevated temperatures (BP (boiling point) and double the BP) show that there is a large change in the H-bonded structure of this liquid. The pre-peak or hump, known to be signature of H-bonded clusters appears to be present at all the three temperatures studied. In the low-Q (scattering vector) data Ornstein Zernike (OZ) behaviour is also observed. It is, however, seen that the intramolecular structure does not change very much at higher temperatures. A detailed model analysis is in progress and would be reported later.

    • An effective pair potential for liquid semiconductor, Se: Structure and related dynamical properties

      P P Nath S Sarkar R N JOarder

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      The effective pair potential of liquid semiconductor Se is extracted from its experimental structure factor data using an accurate liquid state theory and this shows important basic features. A model potential incorporating the basic features of the structure factor extracted potential is suggested. This model potential is then used to describe through low-order perturbation theory, the structure and related dynamical properties like self-diffusion coefficient and shear viscosity of this complex liquid over a wide range of temperatures.

    • Molecular conformation and structural correlations of liquid D-1-propanol through neutron diffraction

      A Sahoo S Sarkar P S R Krishna V Bhagat R N Joarder

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      An analysis of neutron diffraction data of liquid deuterated 1-propanol at room temperature to extract its molecular conformation is presented. Being a big molecule with twelve atomic sites, the analysis is tricky and needs careful consideration. The resulting molecular parameters are compared with electron diffraction (gas phase), X-ray diffraction (liquid phase) and MD simulation results. Information about the hydrogen-bonded intermolecular structure in liquid is extracted and nature of the probable molecular association suggested.

    • Molecular conformation and liquid structure of 2-propanol through neutron diffraction

      A Sahoo S Sarkar P S R Krishna R N Joarder

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      The neutron diffraction data analysis of deuterated liquid 2-propanol at room temperature to define its molecular conformation is presented. 2-Propanol being a large molecule with twelve atomic sites, the conformation analysis is tricky and an improved method of data analysis is given. The intermolecular structural correlations, i.e., hydrogen-bonded liquid structure, can be modelled accurately to extract the nature of the average hydrogen-bonded molecular association in liquid state at room temperature. Like other alcohols these are mostly hexamer ring chain (HRC) clusters. The cluster analysis of recent X-ray data available in the literature also support the same liquid structure.

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