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    • Gentile statistics and restricted partitions

      C S Srivatsan M V N Murthy R K Bhaduri

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      In a recent paper (Tranet al, Ann. Phys.311, 204 (2004)), some asymptotic number theoretical results on the partitioning of an integer were derived exploiting its connection to the quantum density of states of a many-particle system. We generalise these results to obtain an asymptotic formula for therestricted or coloured partitionspks(n), which is the number of partitions of an integern into the summand of sth powers of integers such that each power of a given integer may occur utmostk times. While the method is not rigorous, it reproduces the well-known asymptotic results fors = 1 apart from yielding more general results for arbitrary values ofs.

    • A phenomenological approach to the equation of state of a unitary Fermi gas

      M V N Murthy M Brack R K Bhaduri

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      We propose a phenomenological approach for the equation of state of a unitary Fermi gas. The universal equation of state is parametrized in terms of Fermi–Dirac integrals. This reproduces the experimental data over the accessible range of fugacity and normalized temperature, but cannot describe the superfluid phase transition found in the MIT experiment [Ku et al, Science 335, 563 (2012)]. The most sensitive data for compressibility and specific heat at phase transition can, however, be fitted by introducing into the grand partition function a pair of complex conjugate zeros lying in the complex fugacity plane slightly off the real axis.

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