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    • Two-neutrino double β decay of96Zr to excited 2+ state of96Mo

      J Singh R Chandra P K Raina P K Rath

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      The two-neutrino double beta decay of96Zr isotope for 0+ → 2+ transition has been studied in the PHFB model. In our earlier work, the reliability of the intrinsic wave functions of96Zr and96Mo isotopes has been established by obtaining an overall agreement between a number of theoretically calculated spectroscopic properties as well as half-lives of 2vββ decay for 0+ → 0+ transition and the available experimental data. In the present work, the half-life of 2vββ decay for 0+ ar 2+ transition T12/2v(0+2+) has been calculated using the same set of intrinsic wave functions.

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