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    • Realistic searches on stretched exponential networks

      Parogama Sen

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      We consider navigation or search schemes on networks which have a degree distribution of the form 𝑃(𝑘) ∝ exp(−𝑘𝛾). In addition, the linking probability is taken to be dependent on social distances and is governed by a parameter 𝜆. The searches are realistic in the sense that not all search chains can be completed. An estimate of 𝜇 = ρ/𝑠d, where 𝜌 is the success rate and 𝑠d the dynamic path length, shows that for a network of 𝑁 nodes, 𝜇 ∝ 𝑁-𝛿 in general. Dynamic small world effect, i.e., 𝛿 ≃ 0 is shown to exist in a restricted region of the 𝜆 - 𝛾 plane.

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