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    • Non-intrusive refractometer sensor

      Pabitra Nath

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      An experimental realization of a simple non-intrusive refractometer sensor is demonstrated in this communication. The working principle of the sensor is based on intensity modulation of the back-reflected light when output light from an optical fibre end focusses onto air–medium interface. The change in the refractive index of the medium affects the reflectance of the incident light signal and thus modulates the back-reflected signal. Refractive index variation as small as 0.002 RIU can be measured using the present technique. The advantages of the technique are its simplicity, cost efficiency and usefulness in monitoring refractive indices of acidic solutions.

    • Single-mode fibre coupler as refractometer sensor

      Pabitra Nath Mridul Buragohain

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      We report a simple, non-intrusive fibre-optic refractometer sensor for measuring the refractive index of liquid and optically transparent solid medium. Sensing principle of the proposed sensor is based on monitoring the back-reflected light signal through the second input port of a $2 \times 1$ single-mode fibre coupler when light signal from the output port is focussed at the interface of air and a liquid or solid medium and back-reflected exactly along the same path. Depending on the refractive index of the medium, the amount of back-reflected intensity would vary and in the present work we exploit this principle to measure the refractive index of an optically transparent medium. Variation of refractive index as small as 0.001 RIU can be measured with our proposed sensor.

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