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    • A generalized kerr-schild metric

      P C Vaidya P V Bhatt

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      A metricgik=ηik+iξk+2(iPk) is investigated. WhenJ=0 this reduces to the well-known Kerr metric. Conditions on the vectorpi are obtained under which a geodetic, shear-free null congruenceξi in the Minkowskian space-time (with metricηik) will continue to remain geodetic and shear-free in the Riemannian space-time ofgik. A general solution of Einstein’s equationRik=σξiξk is obtained whenpiξi=0 andξi is twist-free.

    • Some solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations in general relativity

      P V Bhatt L K Patel

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      A solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations corresponding to source-free electromagnetic field plus pure radiation is obtained. The solution is algebraically special. A particular case of the solution is considered which encompasses many known solutions. Among them is a radiating Ruban metric.

    • Kerr-Newman metric in deSitter background

      L K Patel Sharda S Koppar P V Bhatt

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      In addition to the Kerr-Newman metric with cosmological constant several other metrics are presented giving Kerr-Newman type solutions of Einstein-Maxwell field equations in the background of deSitter universe. The electromagnetic field in all the solutions is assumed to be source-free. A new metric of what may be termed as an electrovac rotating de-Sitter space-time—a space-time devoid of matter but containing source-free electromagnetic field and a null fluid with twisting rays—has been presented. In the absence of the electromagnetic field, our solutions reduce to those discussed by Vaidya.

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