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    • Bloch enhancement of electric field gradient in Fe and Cu host alloys

      P Tripathi N C Mohapatra

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      The Bloch enhancement factor α(kf) of the electric field gradient has been evaluated for the half-filledd-core Fe host metal and completely filledd-core Cu host metal in single orthogonalized plane wave (OPW) approximation. For this purpose the radially-dependent antishielding factors,γ(r) have been calculated in non-orthogonal Hartree-Fock perturbation theory (NHFPT). The results show that the contributions of antishielding to α(kf) from the plane wave-plane wave part and the core part of the OPW state are individually large but opposite in sign and thereby lead to partial cancellation. The net effect of antishielding on α(kf) is found to be − 5.6% in Fe and 14% in Cu.

    • Novel fractional-order chaotic systems of different order and multiswitching synchronisation


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      This paper gives multiswitching synchronisation scheme for a class of fractional-order chaotic systems by combining active and adaptive control theories. Adaptive controllers have been designed by using different laws of switching and fractional-order Lyapunov stability theory. We have also constructed a new fractional-order Duffing system. The fractional-order Duffing system and fractional-order Rabinovich–Fabrikant system have been taken as the drive system and the response system respectively. Applications have been demonstrated. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulations are also given to verify the robustness of the proposed controllers.

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