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    • Electromagnetic properties of a chiral-plasma medium

      H Torres-Silva C Villarroel P H Sakanaka N Reggiani

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      The theoretical properties of a composite chiral-plasma medium are developed. By using the reaction theorem for a magnetized chiroplasma, we obtain the proof of nonreciprocity based upon the constitutive relationships between electromagnetic vectorsE, B, H, D. Using the Maxwell’s equations and the proposed constitutive relations for a chiral-plasma medium, we derive the vectorsE andH and from these equations, dispersion relations andE-field polarizations are based. The obtained results for waves propagating parallel to the external magnetic field in a cold magnetized chiro-plasma are compared with typical results obtained for a cold plasma. For circulary polarized waves, a new mode conversion is founded with the chiral effect. The chiral rotation is obtained and compared with the Faraday rotation. For waves propagating across the magnetic field, we found a shift of the cut-offs of ordinary and extraordinary waves. On the lower branch of the extraordinary wave mode there is no bands of forbidden frequencies and the reflection point vanishes when the chiral parameter increases.

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