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    • The fifth interaction: universal long range force between spins

      T Pradhan R P Malik P C Naik

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      In this paper we present a review of our investigations on universal long range force between spins mediated by a massless axial vector gauge field which we name as “axial photon”. The invariance of the Lagrangian field theory of particles, possessing spin degrees of freedom, under local Lorentz transformations, necessitates the introduction of such an axial vector gauge field which interacts with spin current of the particles. Classical as well as quantum dynamics of electrons interacting with photon and axial photon are worked out. The new interaction is found to be asymptotically free. It is shown thatqed can be made finite if the coupling strengths of electron to photon and axial photon can be made equal. Experimental consequences of the existence of axial photon are discussed and the strength of the interaction is estimated by comparing predictions of the theory with experiments.

    • Analogue of Aharonov-Bohm effect in spin gauge theory

      P C Naik

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      We predict the possibility of observing analogue of the Aharonov-Bohm effect due to long range interaction between spins originating in the framework of spin gauge theory developed earlier. The effect is predicted for both electrons (fermions) and photons. Appropriate experimental set-ups are suggested.

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