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    • Scattering contributions to the internal partition function of a diatomic molecular system

      B Talukdar M Chatterji P Banerjee

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      An analytical expression for the phase shift contribution to the internal partition function for the Morse potential is derived by using an approximate Jost function. This function is shown to be a convergent sum. The numerical results obtained for H2 and HCl show the partition function to be a monotonically increasing function of temperature. This observation agrees with the results of Rogers and co-workers.

    • Level structures of 95,97Mo — A comparative study

      JM Chatterjee M Saha Sarkar S Bhattacharya P Banerjee S Sarkar RP Singh S Murulithar RK Bhowmik

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      High-spin states of 95,97Mo (Z=42, N=53,55) nuclei have been investigated through 82Se(18O, xn) reaction at Eb=60 MeV. The level scheme in 95Mo has been observed upto ≏ 10 MeV in the present experiment. The level structure shows mainly single particle character. In 97Mo, the ground state level sequence has been extended to ≏ 4.5 MeV while the previous information had been up to 2.4 MeV. A negative parity band built on 1437 keV (11/2) excited state has been extended to 5.5 MeV. The structure seems to show a coexistence of single particle and collective modes of excitation. Properties of both the nuclei have been compared with shell model calculations using OXBASH.

    • Particle-rotor-model calculations in 125I

      Hariprakash Sharma B Sethi P Banerjee Ranjana Goswami RK Bhandari Jahan Singh

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      Recent experimental data on 125I has revealed several interesting structural features. These include the observation of a three quasiparticle band, prolate and oblate deformed bands, signature inversion in the yrast positive-parity band and identification of the unfavoured πh11/2 band showing very large signature splitting. In the present work, particle-rotor-model calculations have been performed for the πh11/2 band, using an axially symmetric deformed Nilsson potential. The calculations reproduce the experimental results well and predict a moderate prolate quadrupole deformation of about 0.2 for the band.

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