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    • Anisotropic expansion, second-order hydrodynamics and holographic dual


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      We consider Kasner space–time describing anisotropic three-dimensional expansion of RHIC and LHC fireball and study the generalisation of Bjorken’s one-dimensional expansion by taking into account second-order relativistic viscous hydrodynamics. Using time-dependent AdS/CFT correspondence, we study the late-time behaviour of the Bjorken flow. From the conditions of conformal invariance and energy–momentum conservation, we obtain the explicit expression for the energy density as a function of proper time in terms of Kasner parameters. The proper time dependence of the temperature and entropy have also been obtained in terms of Kasner parameters. We consider Eddington–Finkelstein-type coordinates and discuss the gravity dual of the anisotropically expanding fluid in the late-time regime.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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