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    • Measurement of photoexcitation cross-sections of uranium by saturation method

      M L Shah R C Das P K Mandal D R Rathod Vas Dev K G Manohar B M Suri

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      We report the measurement of photoexcitation cross-sections of three first-step uranium transitions $(0 \rightarrow 16900.38$ cm-1 , $0 \rightarrow 17361.89$ cm-1 and $620 \rightarrow 17361.89$ cm-1) using saturation method. These measurements were performed on a resonance ionization mass spectrometry (RIMS) set-up consisting of Nd:YAG-pumped dye lasers, a reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer and high-temperature atomic vapour source. The uranium vapours were excited and photoionized by two-colour, three-photon photoionization scheme using Nd:YAG-pumped dye laser system. The resultant photoion signal was monitored as a function of dye laser fluence used for first step excitation to measure the excitation cross-section values. A new approach was adopted to overcome the large uncertainties associated with such measurements. With this approach the cross-section of transitions whose value is already reported in the literature was measured as a bench mark. By normalizing the measured value to the reported value, a scaling factor was derived. This scaling factor was used to scale up the cross-section values of other transitions measured by this method.

    • Measurement of radiative lifetime in atomic samarium using simultaneous detection of laser-induced fluorescence and photoionization signals

      A C Sahoo M L Shah P K Mandal A K Pulhani G P Gupta Vas Dev B M Suri

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      In this paper, we report the investigations of lifetime measurement of odd-parity energy level 19009.52 cm-1 of Sm I using simultaneous detection of laser-induced fluorescence and laserinduced photoionization signals employing pump–probe technique. To the best of our knowledge, this is for the first time that the results obtained using laser-induced fluorescence and photoionization techniques have been compared with each other. The obtained results match well with those reported in the literature.

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