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    • Orthorhombic structure: a necessity in superconducting 1-2-3 compounds

      R Prakash O Prakash N S Tavare

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      X-ray and resistivity measurements on YBa2Cu3O7−δ(1-2-3) samples show that for the same but low oxygen concentration,δ⋍0·55, no superconducting transition down to 4·2 K is observed for the tetragonal phase samples while the orthorhombic phase shows aTc ∼ 31 K. The effect of oxygen concentration onTc is isolated.Tc=91±1 K has, however, been observed continuously for the normal oxygen annealed samples,δ⋍0·07. The experimental results suggest strongly the necessity of the 1-2-3 compound to be in the orthorhombic phase for the superconducting mechanism to be operative.

    • Thermal expansion of orthorhombic and tetragonal phases of the highTc superconductors RE1Ba2Cu3Oy (RE=Y, Gd, Dy)

      O M Prakash Ashok Rao O Prakash P N Dheer

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      Measurements of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion α have been carried out for the orthorhombic and tetragonal phases of RE1Ba2Cu3Oy(RE=Y, Gd, Dy) compounds using a high resolution capacitance dilatometer in the temperature range 77–300 K. All the superconducting samples exhibit a jump Δα at their respective transition temperatures,Tc. Evidences of, sample-to-sample variation in α values and dependence of Δα on the sample preparation conditions, have been obtained. The non-superconducting samples, in general, exhibit lower values of α possibly because of lowering of oxygen content.

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