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    • Crisis and unstable dimension variability in the bailout embedding map

      N Nirmal Thyagu Neelima Gupta

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      The dynamics of inertial particles in 2-d incompressible flows can be modeled by 4-d bailout embedding maps. The density of the inertial particles, relative to the density of the fluid, is a crucial parameter which controls the dynamical behaviour of the particles. We study here the dynamical behaviour of aerosols, i.e. particles heavier than the flow. An attractor widening and merging crisis is seen in the phase space in the aerosol case. Crisis-induced intermittency is seen in the time series and the laminar length distribution of times before bursts give rise to a power law with the exponent $\beta = -1/3$. The maximum Lyapunov exponent near the crisis fluctuates around zero indicating unstable dimension variability (UDV) in the system. The presence of unstable dimension variability is confirmed by the behaviour of the probability distributions of the finite time Lyapunov exponents.

    • Probabilistic signatures of spatiotemporal intermittency in the coupled sine circle map lattice

      Zahera Jabeen Neelima Gupta

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      The phase diagram of the coupled sine circle map system exhibits a variety of interesting phenomena including spreading regions with spatiotemporal intermittency, non-spreading regions with spatial intermittency, and coherent structures termed solitons. A spreading to non-spreading transition is seen in the system. A cellular automaton version of the coupled system maps the spreading to non-spreading transition to a transition from a probabilistic to a deterministic cellular automaton. The solitonic sector of the system shows spatiotemporal intermittency with soliton creation, propagation and absorption. A probabilistic cellular automaton mapping is set up for this sector which can identify each one of these phenomena.

    • PNLD 2013: Conference summary and a perspective

      Sudeshna Sinha Somdatta Sinha Neelima Gupta Ram Ramaswamy

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