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    • Regge-like initial input and evolution of non-singlet structure functions from DGLAP equation up to next-next-to-leading order at low 𝑥 and low $Q^{2}$

      Nayan Mani Nath Mrinal Kumar Das Jayanta Kumar Sarma

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      This is an attempt to study how the features of Regge theory, along with QCD predictions, lead towards the understanding of unpolarized non-singlet structure functions $F_{2}^{\text{NS}}$ $(x, Q^{2})$ and 𝑥 𝐹3 $(x, Q^{2})$ at low 𝑥 and low $Q^{2}$ . Combining the features of perturbative quantum chromodynamics (pQCD) and Regge theory, an ansatz for $F_{2}^{\text{NS}}$ $(x, Q^{2})$ and 𝑥 𝐹3 $(x, Q^{2})$ structure functions at small 𝑥 was obtained, which when used as the initial input to Dokshitzer–Gribov–Lipatov–Altarelli–Parisi (DGLAP) equation, gives the $Q^{2}$ evolution of the non-singlet structure functions. The non-singlet structure functions, evolved in accordance with DGLAP evolution equations up to next-next-to-leading order are studied phenomenologically in comparison with the available experimental and parametrization results taken from NMC, CCFR, NuTeV, CORUS, CDHSW, NNPDF and MSTW Collaborations and a very good agreement is observed in this regard.

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